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    Beware of how he compliments you

    There are certain personality traits that LVM seek and prey on, and they will offer compliments to ensure you continue exhibiting said traits. These personality traits by themselves are not bad by any means, in fact some of these are high value traits. However, the LVM will focus only on what he...
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    Don't date men that are incapable of critical thinking

    If his idea of morality is based on… • Whether or not it’s legal, • Whether or not most people do it, • Whether or not it doesn’t hurt anyone, • Whether or not it’s natural, • Whether or not it’s socially acceptable, • Whether or not it’s “not a big deal,” • Whether or not it’s...
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    Beware the "mature communicator"

    Of all the LVMs I’ve ever come across in my life, one of the most dangerous archetypes has been what I call the “mature communicator”. This man, often older than you and with more relationship experience, loves to portray himself as very mature. When you are upset about something, he will urge...
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    Blood in the water strategy

    Hey ladies. This is a new account on my 2 year life altering journey on fds. After surviving an abusive scrote, I adopted the Blood in the Water test to screen through new dates. It is fantastic. After quite a few times, I would like to suggest having a custom made blood drop, one which suits...